What should you choose for hair loss - a wig, system, semi-system, or overlay?

What should you choose for hair loss - a wig, system, semi-system, or overlay?

Hair loss is a common issue among women of all ages, often caused by alopecia, hormonal imbalances, stress, or chemotherapy. Luckily, there are solutions available such as Glamy Wigs. These natural hair systems look beautiful and realistic, and they can be worn every day, washed and styled easily.

There are several types of hair systems to choose from, each with its own benefits. The semi-system, for example, features a mesh base on the parietal zone and tresses on the occipital, making it affordable, durable, and easy to style.

Another option is the semi-system with a silk insert, which has a denser base and a realistic parting thanks to the silk insert. This option is comfortable to wear, but not ideal for constant use due to heat retention.

For a more breathable and versatile option, there is the system with a thin lace base that allows for any hairstyle and even swimming. However, it requires adhesive tape or glue to stay in place, and the base is delicate, requiring careful care and repair work.

Wigs, on the other hand, feature hair fixed onto ribbons and are ideal for special occasions, though they can be hot and uncomfortable for daily wear. Overlays, which are attached to the natural hair with clips or hairpins, are great for adding volume or hiding small areas of loss, but cannot be attached directly to the scalp.

All of these options are suitable for anyone, whether you have your own hair or not. They can be used to try out new styles, enhance your look, or mask hair loss due to health issues.

To find the right hair system or overlay, visit the Glamy Wigs website and consult with their knowledgeable managers who can provide guidance on choosing the right product, selecting the right shade, and caring for your new hair.